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Lisa is the hands and heart behind Bake Me Away!  She is currently a one-woman operation, but that doesn't stop her from delivering our indulgent baked goods to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. 

Lisa Cashion is the founder of Bake Me Away LLC. She has always had a passion for baking and started experimenting with recipes at a very young age. Her love for baking grew over the years as she created custom cakes for her nieces and nephews.  Although primarily self-taught, she did spend some time studying the Pastry Arts after high school, developing her skills even further.  After many years of delivering delicious desserts to her family and close friends, she eventually took a leap of faith and shifted her hobby into a business in 2019.

Lisa's approach to baking is unique. To her baking is not just about following a recipe, but about putting your heart and soul into every creation. She looks for ways to collide the worlds of comfort and indulgence by experimenting with new ingredients and techniques.  She loves to push herself to create new and exciting flavors and her clients enjoy giving her the creative freedom to do so.

When it comes to the details, she is a firm believer that people eat with their eyes first.  She takes great pride in the presentation of her baked goods, and spends hours perfecting the decoration and ensuring the final packaging is top notch. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every bite of her delicious creations.

In addition to her baking skills, Lisa is also known for her warm and welcoming smile and personality. You can find her out and about in the community at local craft fairs and high school fundraising events, supporting other small business owners.  She loves connecting with her customers and creating a personal experience. 


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Founder of Bake Me Away

Lisa is always ready with a warm smile and baked good to help make your day sweeter!

Lisa Cashion


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